Exploring Society: An introduction to Social History from Welfare to Wellbeing

Are you fascinated by how we got to where we are? What are the implications for us all following the Corona virus pandemic? If so this course is for you. It will explore key themes relating to how we live and interact within UK society and the role the state plays in this. You can take part in discussions and debate questions such as; is healthcare a universal right? Should Government intervene in peoples lifestyle choices? does the education system promote equality? You will use a range of sources including historical documents, oral histories and recent news reports to inform our discussions. You will think about different approaches to social issues such as health, policy, housing, welfare and education over time.

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Course Structure

The course will begin with a broad overview of welfare provision in the UK since the 1600’s to the present day and will go on to explore key areas including health, housing and education. You will examine the key changes to policy and provision over time and how social and political ideas that underpin government interventions impact on society. There will be an opportunity to research using digital resources, an area of particular interest.



This course is not accredited