Wire Sculpture Stag’s Head

This course is ideal if you want to develop sculpture techniques with wire and learn how to make armatures. You’ll learn how to design and make a stag’s head and make it using wire techniques. You can personalise and decorate your stag’s head with lights, foliage or fill in the armature with papier mâché and decorating techniques. You can display your stag’s head as a Christmas or permanent decoration in your home or it could make a lovely handmade gift for someone.

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Course Structure

On this course, you’ll learn about practical techniques and theoretical principles involved in developing a professional approach to Artwork. To help you develop your knowledge and talent, the tutor will demonstrate the skills before you have a go. You’ll then get one-to-one guidance and support throughout the making of your project whether in a classroom situation or via Google Classrom and emails. Where necessary, you’ll get links to video clips so that you can work in your own time at home, if you want to.



This course is not accredited