2021 is here.

We haven’t been in touch for a while but despite everything Bensham Grove Pottery is still going strong, as strong as we can under the current conditions. Tutors have been finding innovative ways of providing classes and there are still opportunities for potting even during lockdowns. Who would have imagined that online pottery sessions could be so successful!

One of the most popular techniques that we offer online is Nerikome (also known as Neriage, Lamination, Clay Veneer or Agate-ware). Coloured clays are laminated into rods before slicing and turning into 3 dimensional objects such as small bowls. Materials can be collected from Bensham Grove Pottery, and your finished work dropped off for firing when complete. If you have difficulty in collecting the materials, we can arrange to deliver or send by post. The sessions can be recorded and sent out to complete in your own time.

The next Nerikome-specific course is due to start on Thursday 4th February and is of great value at just £24.50 for 2 hours weekly (and only £19.60 for over 60’s), plus a materials fee.

If you would prefer to do a more general online beginners pottery course the next one starts on Wed 3rd February, 2.5 hours a week for 8 weeks costs £34.75/£26.25 plus a materials fee. All of the courses are free to anyone receiving benefits such as income support, universal credit, on furlough or COVID hours reduction.

Although coming to the pottery is of course a miss, there are some distinct advantages to enrolment on our online provision: you would be able to continue with your work between classes; you have a defined slot in your week to immerse yourself in ceramic demos, discussion and peer support, AND, it’s worth remembering that attendees enrolled onto these courses would also be prioritised for the next round of physical, on-site classes offered after lockdown.

If you are interested in joining a pottery class, (and/or any other class) please contact Janet Minto via email janetminto@gateshead.gov.uk or call the office at Bensham Grove on 0191 4336450

Mandy Mosely, Pottery tutor.