Beginner’s Exploring Watercolours

Our Beginner’s Exploring Watercolour is the perfect way to start using watercolours. Through a series of simple exercises, this course introduces the basics of watercolour techniques.

A wonderfully relaxing hobby, watercolour painting can be a great way to unlock your creativity. Through this beginner’s level course we’ll cover the rich history alongside practical techniques. We’ll explore theory and concepts, drawing and painting from observation, colour mixing and colour theory.

Course Structure

This is an online course delivered through Zoom and Google classroom. Teaching will take place through group tutorials on Zoom, with feedback provided by email. You’ll have access to the course material to support your learning on Google classroom. We’ll also be engaging in art appreciation and critiques as a group. Through self and group assessment, you’ll develop your confidence and communication skills.

Sessions will cover:

• Practical watercolour techniques
• Learning about the rich history of watercolour painting
• Theory & Concepts: composition, light, form, space etc
• Explore various watercolour materials: brushes, paints, papers etc
• Drawing / Painting from observation
• Colour Mixing
• Colour Theory
• Developing a confident approach to watercolour



This course isn’t accredited or formally marked. Your tutor will provide feedback throughout to support your learning.