Building Resilience for Creative Wellbeing (changed to Nldc)

Content will include mindful practice, guided meditation, Zentangle, pebble painting, exploring what emotions are, how to begin to cope with anxiety, simple practical methods to build up your resilience.


No fee for eligible learners


Greensfield Business Centre

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Enrol Anytime

Course Times

10:00am to 12:00pm

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What is the Programme Content?

Anyone with an interest in improving their wellbeing and resilience through creativity.

Who is it for?


What prior experience and knowledge do I need?

You need no prior experience.

What materials or equipment do I need to provide?

Everything will be provided but you might be asked to contribute a small amount to material costs or bring in some art materials from home if you have them. I might ask you to bring in a pillow or blanket for relaxation practice during the course.

What materials or equipment do we provide to you?

Some arts based materials.

How will I be assessed?

Very informally and in a nurturing way to encourage you to develop further.

Is the programme accredited?


What can I do next?

A continuation course.

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