Teaching Assistant


A great opportunity to join a school as a Teaching Assistant, to work closely with colleagues to help support with pupils.

Cumbric School

Springwell, NE97AL


Per Week

30.00 Hours

Per Week

Role and Responsibilities

  • To develop an understanding of the educational needs of the student/s concerned.
  • To take into account the student/s needs and ensure their access to the lesson and it’s content through appropriate clarification, explanations, equipment and materials.
  • To build and maintain successful relationships with students, treat them consistently, with respect and consideration.
  • To help promote independent learning and reinforce learning.
  • To develop study and organisational skills.
  • To help keep the students on task and build motivation.
  • To model good practice.
  • To help build the student/s’ confidence and enhance self-esteem.
  • In relation to the Teacher: To have formal and informal meetings with teachers to contribute to planning lessons / activities.
  • To prepare materials and resources.
  • To work on differentiated activities with identified groups.
  • To support the teacher in implementing specific teaching programmes.
  • To supervise practical tasks.
  • To be involved in keeping records and evaluating identified students’ progress.
  • In relation to the School: To work as part of the team in relation to individual students, liaising, advising and consulting where appropriate.
  • To support implementation of school policies and procedures, including those relating to confidentiality and behaviour.
  • To identify personal training needs and to attend appropriate internal and external in-service training.

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Required Skills

Sense of humour

Willing to work in a close-knit community

Ability to be proactive at all times


Deal with a variety of personalities within students

Required Qualifications

Maths, English and ICT, GCSE Grade 4-9 or equivalent


Maths and English to Level 2 required, if not already achieved.

Knowledge, Skills and Behaviour in relation to:

  • Customer service principles and practices
  • \span/span\usiness principles
  • Technical competencies
  • Knowledge and understating
  • Research activities
  • Commercial awareness
  • Managing challenging situations and taking ownership
  • Health and safety

Ongoing assessment by the employer and provider – for example meetings with apprentice, employer and learning provider, observations of workplace, gathering evidence

Undertake a self-assessment in the last month of their apprenticeship to enable them to see whether they are confident that they have taken on board all aspects of the occupation. This self-assessment must be submitted to the independent end point assessor as a source of evidence to prepare for independent End Point Assessment which will include a showcase portfolio; a project; an employer reference and a structured interview about their portfolio and project.


Strong progression for the right candidate