Exploring Drawing and Painting

Did you know that drawing, painting and art have 24 proven health benefits? From promoting good mental health, to improving your memory and even your coordination. Making art your hobby can be a wonderful way of enhancing your creativity.

Perfect for people of all abilities, during this course we’ll help you refresh and improve your drawing and painting skills. From interpreting your subject to using composition, colour and brushwork to create.

Course Structure

This is a 10 week online course delivered through Google classroom. Teaching will take place through group tutorials on Zoom, with feedback provided by email. You’ll have access to the course material to support your learning on Google classroom or sent to you by your tutor.

As this is an online course you’ll need to provide your own materials, which we’ve listed below.

You will need access to a phone with a camera, a PC or laptop and have an e-mail address. A Google email account or a Facebook account would be beneficial. If you have a printer as well that would be ideal.
Access to the internet will be essential as demonstrations will be done via YouTube links by other artists.

Art materials required.
• Standard Graphite pencils (graded pencils HB, 2B and 4B for example)
• A sketch pad (A4)
• White paper
• An eraser.

• A set of acrylic or oil paints, ideally in the following colours: Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red, a blue (Cobalt or Ultramarine), Cerulean (or Pthalo) Blue, Sap Green, Raw or Burnt Umber, Black.
• A set of brushes: small and medium size rounds in soft synthetics, a medium size flat or filbert in stiffer synthetic or hog’s hair.
• A palette of some kind (an old plate will do), a thinners or water jar.
• Appropriate thinners (Turps or white spirit for oils, water for acrylics).
• A painting medium if you can get one: Winsor & Newton Liquin Original for oils, Slow Drying Medium for acrylics.
If you choose to use watercolours, you will find the colours mentioned above useful.

During this course, you’ll be focused on one project for the majority of the term.




This course isn’t accredited or formally marked. Your tutor will provide you with appropriate guidance and support to ensure you progress and achieve your goals. You will be encouraged to evaluate your own progress and then set further learning goals.