Health & Wellbeing

We understand that with during this global pandemic, you might not be feeling yourself. With Coronavirus (COVID-19) keeping us indoors, we wanted to create a series of short courses to keep your mind and body healthy. These courses are all designed to make you feel good, from helping you practice mindfulness to unlocking your creativity.

Art & Creative Crafts

From elevating your mood and alleviating anxiety to boosting brain function, art can have real health benefits. Our art and creative crafts courses cover a range of topics from jewellery making to painting, to help you get creative.

Beginner’s Exploring Watercolours

Beginner’s Jewellery Making

Drawing Nature for All 

Exploring Drawing & Painting

Improve Your Drawing

Painting Nature for All

Paper Cut Drawing

Sculpture Making (wire, papier mâché)

Fitness & Mindfulness

We all know that a healthy body means a healthy mind, and we’ve created a series of short courses to help you get moving. From gentle workouts to beginner’s yoga and mindfulness practice, let us help you find a little more calm.

Gentle Exercise to Improve Mobility

Get Off Your Sofa & Move

Taking Care of Ourselves Mindfully & Building Resilience