Jamie Horner is yet ANOTHER young person Gateshead Council learningSkills has helped to secure an apprenticeship. Jamie starts his digital marketing apprenticeship with The Protector Group in Gateshead after his successful interview with the organisation. The Protector Group are one of many employers who are turning to the cost effective apprenticeship scheme to recruit new skills to their workforce. Gateshead Council learningSkills are paying employers up to £3,000 towards the salary of an apprentice, with an award winning FREE recruitment and advertising service. If you are an employer looking to take advantage of this limited cash grant, or a young person looking for an apprenticeship, please call the business development team on 0191 433 8727 or email apprenticeships@gateshead.gov.uk. Here is what Jamie said about his new role

   ‘ I am very happy to be able to secure my apprenticeship with the Protector Group  It is my first step on the career path and a great place to start as it comes at a time when more companies realise they need to improve their online presence.  I chose to not go to university following my sixth form studies and in turn looked for an apprenticeship in digital marketing. I chose this way because I figured I wouldn’t fit well into university studying and would rather have a more hands on experience of a job, gaining some real on the job experience instead of the more traditional university route. I think the apprenticeship route will benefit me more personally which is why I chose to be patient with the jobs available.  The process with Gateshead Council learningSkills was quick, informative and structured and I couldn’t be happier to get into it.’

Suzanne Prendergast , HR Manager at The Protector Group in Team Valley said ‘“We look forward to Jamie joining The Protector Group in a new role and believe he will do very well, we have had a number of apprentice past and present who have done very well in the company and been successful in gaining full time employment. ‘