More than 50 learners on the ‘Sewing: Back to Basics’ course have been hard at work to create facemasks, laundry bags and headbands to support the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learners attended the course between September and March at Bensham Grove and at the Wrekenton Hub. When lockdown happened at the end of March, the learners put their knowledge and skills to good use by creating the masks, bags and headbands for NHS and care home staff.

Many learners donated the headbands and laundry bags to their local care homes. All the donations were very gratefully received. Health and Care workers had to wear facemasks for 12 hours a day and the elastic caused sores and skin problems. The headbands had buttons that could attach a facemask which made a huge difference.

The care home workers and NHS staff were also very grateful for the laundry bags as they were able to pack their uniforms into these bags before leaving work and could put them straight into the wash as soon as they got home. This helped them to stay safe during the pandemic.

The learningSkills team would like to say a huge thank you to all the learners on the Sewing: Back to Basics course and to their tutor, Lyn Davison, for all their help in keeping our NHS and community safe during this time.

Thank you!

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