Budding poet and writer, Louise Christian, has been busy during lock down. To help her cope with the uncertainty of the lock down she penned a poem We Are All In This Together. The inspirational words really helped her realise that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Louise is an enthusiastic reader and is a huge fan of David Walliams. She wrote to him about her aspirations to be a writer, and was delighted when he wrote and encouraging letter back. Louise had been shielding between March and September 2020, so was unable to attend her usual classes at learningSkills. However, the teaching team helped her connect online and sent her home learning packs, making sure she didn’t fall behind in her studies. She was excited to return for the Autumn Term and see all her friends and is pleased to have had her first COVID vaccination.

We Are All In This Together By Louise K Christian

The whole world has a horrible bug

which means no one can hug.

Boris Johnson is our guy

But he can’t tell the reason why.

Our heroes are the best

They put our minds at rest

so we can have a test

We all have to wear a mask

Because our mouths we must cover up

We must stay two meters away

Because that is the government’s aim

Let’s hope COVID bug doesn’t last forever remember we are all in this together

Louise is on a Study Programme, specially designed for young people with a learning difficulty. This helps prepare them for independent living, employment and higher education. If you would like further details about this course, please speak to Melanie Crosby on 0191 433 8704 or email melaniecrosby@gateshead.gov.uk



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