Pottery and Ceramics

Pottery and Ceramics is a relaxing and creative activity that can bring you a great deal of pleasure. You will learn a wide range of techniques that will give you the skills to make decorative and practical items for your home. You will create unique and individual ‘one off’ pieces, glazed and fired in our own workshop. The pottery at Bensham Grove has a great community spirit that welcomes everyone through its doors and there are many examples of previous learners starting their own businesses’ or going on the Higher Education after studying with us.

The pottery and ceramics programme will work with the individual needs of learners to build their skills from the very basic processes such a coil and slab work through to more intricate throwing and glazing techniques. All of the very experienced tutors will use a range of technique demonstration, hand outs, digital resources such as google classroom to support the learning process. This is a practical programme where a hands on approach is used throughout.