Bowes Mitchell Ltd are a sales and letting agent. They are known for the customer service they provide and that they are one of the leading agents in their area.

Rosie Rendles, the Digital Marketer Level 3 apprentice, has grown in both knowledge and confidence within her role and is excelling. She was recruited via learningSkills, then put forward to attend an interview at Bowes Mitchell Ltd

We spoke to Sara Butler, Area Manager of Bowes Mitchell Ltd, regarding bolstering her workforce with an apprentice via learningSkills.

“We wanted someone to learn their role through an apprenticeship as well as learning through the day to day job. The role was also an extra to the business so we also needed to be mindful of the costs.”

“We have seen an enthusiasm for what she is doing and its helping us be consistent and set up a framework of posts weekly, monthly etc”.

Could your business benefit from hiring an apprentice? Don’t hesitate, as we are also offering a £3,000 incentive for companies to hire an apprentice. For more information, contact, contact our live chat on the website, contact us via our social media channels or call us at 0191 433 8727.

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