Sculpture Making (wire, papier mâché)

Get to grips with the basics of wire and papier mâché sculpture with this creative course. Suited to complete beginners, we’ll take from you learning to design, to developing the skills to bring your sculpture to life.

We’ve split the course into two parts, initially to focus on wire sculpture then papier mâché to help you develop the skill of sculpting. This is a relaxing and rewarding course, and you can use these skills to make wonderful pieces for your home or garden, or thoughtful gifts.

Course Structure

This is an online course delivered through Google classroom. Teaching will take place through a mixture of videos, guides and discussion.

In part one, you will learn how to:
• sculpt using wire and to create a wire armature (demonstrated through videos and slides with visuals and instructions)
• design a wire sculpture through drawing
• draw and create your design

In part two, you will learn how to:
• scale your sculpture through drawing
• make a paper and wire armature
• make and apply your own papier mâché
• finish your piece using collage papers




Your tutor will provide feedback through your preferred medium, offering guidance and support. We will encourage you to evaluate your own progress and then set further learning goals.