Sewing and Dressmaking

On a sewing and dressmaking courses, you’ll learn the necessary techniques to create your garments or textile items. Each course is designed to be flexible to each individual learner. This means you can concentrate on specific aspects of the subject you want to learn, develop and build on. You can learn everything from sewing a button to fitting a zip; hemming, alterations to finish garments. The choice is yours.

Courses Available


Course Structure

These are practical courses in a classroom situation. You’ll learn a skill and practice it before progressing onto the next level that will help you create your garment or item for home. To help you develop your knowledge, the tutor will show what to do and how to do it before you have a go. You’ll then get 1 to 1 guidance and help throughout the making of your project. Where necessary, you’ll get a handout or a link to video clips so that you can work in your own time at home, if you want to. This course will introduce you to measuring accurately, cutting, sewing and pressing techniques used in dressmaking and other sewing crafts.