Most of us go through life trying to get away/distracting ourselves from difficult emotions.  Let’s face it – who wants to feel  anxiety, fear, anger, frustration?  No one!  The thing is emotions want to be felt.  They need to be felt. They have been triggered by the chemicals released in our brain, to our body, to purposefully cause a physical sensation so we can FEEL it!  For example, in the case of anxiety you might feel a real heavy nervousness in the tummy, tightness in the chest.  In the case of joy/excitement you might feel a warm fuzzy glow in the chest area, tingly butterflies in the tummy.  

The way we manage and untangle from difficult emotions is to allow ourselves to feel them.  All they want is some time and space to be felt.  When we do that they can lessen in intensity, helping us to then see our situation more clearly. This meditation helps us do just that.  In these difficult times of the global pandemic, so many difficult emotions are being experience on the planet right now.  There’s grief, sadness, despair, anger, fear, frustration…….  This is a guided meditation where I help you explore and experience these difficult emotions, using some tools to help you untangle from them.  It can be done sitting/standing, any time, any place – it’s for any of us struggling right now.  I hope it helps you.

Basic instructions:

  • Sitting or standing comfortably and coming in to the here and now by letting go of all past and future moments.
  • Getting a sense of the body as you sit/stand, noticing the feel of the breath as it comes in and out of the body.
  • Then drop in the question ‘How am I feeling right now?’ and seeing what arises…
  • Noting what emotions come up – worry, tension, anxiety, fear, boredom, anger, allowing these just to ‘be there’.  None of these emotions are wrong.

We’re going to work with them and untangle from them…..

  • Notice where in the body you are feeling them right now and notice what sensations these are creating – tightness, constriction, tension, nervousness, heat.  Just being with these sensations, giving each emotion time and space to play out and process.  Allowing yourselves to feel them.
  • Maybe give the emotion a shape and a colour, rating how intense it is on a scale 1-10.
  • Asking yourself, ‘What thoughts am I thinking that are creating this emotion?’ and noting what’s going on in the mind right now.  There may be worry thoughts, anxious thoughts, fearful thoughts.  Just become aware of all of these.

And now using the breath to help us gently untangle from them….

  • Feeling the breath coming in to the body for a few moments then purposefully taking the breath into the area you can feel the emotion – this can be anywhere – pit of the stomach, chest, head.  Bringing the breath right to that point, allowing it to soften and settle the emotion.  You could extend and deepen the breath to do this.
  • As you breathe out allow the difficult emotion to exhale away.  Breathing in to soften and settle the emotion, breathing out to gently exhale it away.
  • Notice how this feels – is the emotion shifting, becoming less intense? Has the colour and shape changed?  Do this as many times as you need to.

And now choosing a supportive emotion to lean on……

  • Dropping the question in ‘What do I need right now to help me, what emotion would support me with this?’  Notice what comes up.  It might be kindness, compassion, care, acceptance, patience, understanding.  Imagine that that supportive emotion is surrounding you right now, and breathe it in.  Allowing it to soak into every cell of the body and purposefully taking it into that difficult emotion. Allowing the supportive emotion to support you, to soften the difficult emotion.  Keep breathing it in.  You don’t need to find it – it’s already there and you just have to breathe it in.  Allow it to feel good.
  • Noticing how this feels.  Has the difficult emotion dissipated, softened, shifted in intensity?  
  • Use this meditation regularly to help you untangle from any difficult emotions, and allow yourself to be supported by it.  Namaste.