We’ve had some wonderful examples of how members of the learningSkills team have volunteered to help those affected by COVID-19.

Victoria Lappin and Lucie Glanville have volunteered with the Virtual Wellbeing Call Centre. The Gateshead Council Virtual Wellbeing Call Centre provides wellbeing telephone calls for our most vulnerable residents in Gateshead during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Victoria and Lucie are calling residents to check to see if they are managing throughout this time. They are checking people are safe and have everything they need. They are also linking people to the shielding hubs, created in partnership between Gateshead Council and the voluntary sector.

Sophie Anderson and Elizabeth Wellburn have been hard at work sewing bags and headbands. These bags and headbands have gone to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead and the Sunderland Royal Hospital for NHS workers to use during the outbreak. Sophie has created 17 bags and 33 headbands this week.

Excellent work guys!