FREE Webinars available NOW

Webinars are a great way to access training & information during the current pandemic.  Gateshead Council learningSkills use Microsoft Teams to host a variety of FREE webinars.  To register simply complete the registration form using the link below.  If you would like more information please call our team on 0191 433 8727.

Webinars available currently are:

Career Development Professional IAG Level 6  – Tuesday 9th Febraury 10am.  The cost effective way to become leaders in careers guidance.  Suitable for school & college careers leads, heads, principals, business managers & teachers.  

Get Back To Business –  Wednesday 24th February 10am.  Access to funding & cash incentives to support your business.  Manage your costs by access £1,000s of government funds for recruitment.  Suitable for managers, business owners, directors and leaders.  Your business does not have to be in Gateshead.  


School Webinar

FREE  Careers Guidance webinar for Secondary Schools

Hosted by Gateshead Council LearningSkills – The number one provider for teaching & learning apprenticeships in Sunderland & Gateshead Schools.

Tuesday 9th February 10am

Hosted on Microsoft Teams

  • Access funds to train your staff up to IAG Level 6
  • Delivered by highly experienced staff
  • Cover ALL Gatsby Benchmarks inc GB 8
  • Find out how to hit OFSTED Benchmarks
  • Offer high quality careers guidance
  • Improve the skills & confidence of your workforce
  • Create links with employers & providers

Please complete the form below to receive an invite and link to join.