Kieran Porter - Director of Standby Healthcare

Standby Healthcare are trusted as one of the North East's leaders in providing 24/7 care into the private sector. They support elderly nursing and residential services, complex care facilities, specialist colleges and children's homes. Standby put their clients and workforce at the front of everything they do but not only that, they will go the extra mile! They are one of the only agencies in the North East who provide specialist trained Support Workers in Crisis Prevention and operate a truly moral service by having full transparency in process with clients.

We spoke to the Director of Standby Healthcare, Kieran Porter, regarding his newest apprentice recruit.

"It's much easier to take on a person who can do the job from day one but we didn't need that. We needed someone who we could train to grow with the business which provided a great platform to onboard an apprentice. Our Compliance Manager started her working career as an apprentice and now she runs our entire businesses compliance. Why not give that opportunity to someone else", said Kieran.

"Adam (the apprentice) joined us have trialled a number of roles and i think he needed the right company to give him the opportunity to grow. In terms of what we want, we look for a willingness to learn. If he is willing to learn and put in the work, we will give him all the tools he needs to succeed.

"Adam has fitted in great with the team and after some time getting used to an office environment, which was new to him. He quickly settled and has become integral to our compliance which he now looks after a small section of".

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