Victoria Clark - Senior Administrator of The Angelou Centre

The Angelou Centre support black and minoritised women and children from diverse communities in the North East achieve their full potential free from inequality, discrimination, violence and abuse. They are a specialist black-led feminist organisation advancing human rights, equality, inclusion, empowerment and indepenence of women and children providing advocacy, information, advice, training, social and recreational activities, events, refuge accommodation, counselling and therapeutic support. They are the only organisation of this kind in the North East providing these holistic services to our members/clients.

Their strapline is empowering women to achieve their full potential. They have lots of success stories in particular supporting women who have no recourse to public funds, fleeing unsafe housing and living arrangements with children. These women have then lived in their accommodation and worked hard to gain skills and confidence enabling them and their children to live independent, fruitful, safe, healthy lives.

They recruited an apprentice previously with ourselves, learningSkills. We spoke to Victoria Clark, the Senior Administrator of The Angelou Centre on why they decided to hire another apprentice.

"The other apprentice was of such high standard we kept her on as an employee. She has now been promoted, leaving a vacancy for another apprentice."

"The support from Gateshead Council learningSkills was fantastic, supported us every step of the way. Friendly, supportive, and professional."

"We are hoping to use Gateshead Council's apprenticeship scheme as a recruitment pathway for young black and minoritised women to gain a career with us longer term."

The Angelou Centre are taking advantage of the £4,000 grant we are offering to companies to hire an apprentice; why aren't you?

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