What Are Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are a great opportunity to get into work, gain experience and receive qualifications relevant to your job role. They have long been the staple route to gain employment in areas such as construction, plumbing, electricians, and other trades. But there's more to apprenticeships than working in a trade, there are professional focussed apprenticeships too!

An apprenticeship includes:

  • Paid Employment
  • Annual Holiday Entitlement
  • 20%* Off The Job Training
  • Formal assessment and a nationally recognised qualification

Who Can Apply?

Apprenticeships are paid work opportunities for anyone over the age of 16 in England, and are great for people who are:

  • Early in their career
  • Looking to upskill in their current job
  • Looking for a career change
  • Not in full-time education

Off The Job Training

As a requirement, 20%* of the apprentice's working hours must be spent 'Off The Job'. Off the job hours involve the training aspect of the apprenticeship that is essential to help apprentices gain the relevant knowledge and skills to complete their qualification. This can include:

  • Teaching theory
  • Practical training
  • Learning support and time to write assignments

Training can take place in or out of the work environment and can be delivered flexibly, i.e. as part of each day, once per week, or as a block release. The employer and training provider will decide on the most appropriate model.

Apprenticeship Benefits

Apprenticeships are a brilliant and exciting paid option for anyone looking to upskill, gain experience or change career because they allow you to earn a wage while working and studying. They have many benefits that include:

  • Experience and skills development
  • Nationally recognised qualifications (No tuition fees or debt)
  • Employee benefits and wages
  • Gaining exposure to industry professionals

Apprenticeship Wages and Working Hours

The wage you will earn by completing an apprenticeship will vary from employer to employer. However, all apprentices must earn at least £4.81 per hour for the first 12 months, after which the wage will rise to National Minimum Wage for your age bracket.

All apprentices are required to work full time (30 hours per week minimum).

Finding An Apprenticehip

If you're searching for apprenticeship roles in Gateshead and the surrounding areas, you can explore our vacancies and apply by clicking the image below.

For other areas, you can check the Find An Apprenticeship service for apprenticeships in your area by searching your postcode.

*20% Off The Job changing to 6 hours per week for all apprentices in August 2022.